Make your choice among our series of fishing boats (2017) !

  • Platinum SE

    Starting at $46,709 CAD
    Platinum SE

    Come rain or shine, your Platinum SE leads the way! King of the waterways, the Platinum SE and its double H36 aluminum hull overcome all obstacles and withstand the harshest weather conditions. This fishing machine offers performance, comfort, and the ultimate in state-of-the-art accessories. It’s not surprising that the most demanding anglers choose the Platinum SE every time!

  • Xperience

    Starting at $49,371 CAD

    The boats in our Xperience Series are known as chameleons on the water. Although the spacious fishing platform and ergonomic design make them superb fishing boats, each model has more than one trick up its sleeve! Had enough fishing for the day?

  • Sport

    Starting at $28,889 CAD

    If we had to describe the Sport Series in one word, it would be versatility—and performance! Ok, that’s two words, but that’s because we can’t decide which the Sport Series does better. On the one hand, each boat in our Sport Series is perfect for water-skiing or cruising the waterways to discover the most beautiful spots in your area.

  • Xpedition

    Starting at $31,057 CAD

    Do you remember the last time you doubted your boat’s abilities? Xpedition owners never have that worry. Xpedition Series boats are built for exploration and adventure, threading their way through the water with skill and confidence. Stability, ease of handling, power, and space all make this Series perfect for anglers who like to go the extra mile to find the best fishing spots.

  • DLX

    Starting at $8,917 CAD

    There’s something a little bit different about DLX boat lovers. When you think about it, maybe it’s the glint in the eye of anglers who know that their carefully designed, solidly built H36 aluminum boat will last a long, long time. DLX anglers enjoy the impeccable finishing, perfect ergonomics, and loads of storage space.

  • DL

    Starting at $8,551 CAD

    Climb aboard, start the motor, and experience the joy of exploring in perfect safety! The DL aluminum fishing boats are fully equipped, and roomy enough to transform your fishing trips into moments of unadulterated bliss and freedom.

  • Utilities

    Starting at $2,420 CAD

    A fishing rod, a waterway, a utility boat: it’s often the simple things that are the most fun. Add unmatched durability, incredible lightness, and rock solid strength. Can’t you just feel the tingle of the line as you move through the water? Hey, you’ve got a bite!