Make your choice among our series of fishing boats (2018) !

  • Platinum SE

    Starting at $49,223 CAD
    Platinum SE

    Your comfort is golden! That’s why our four highest end boats are designed to deliver a flawless fishing experience. Platinum SE series models come with a range of innovative, personalized equipment, such as a heated captain’s chair and a multifunction sonar with touch screen. You’ll be wishing your fishing expedition will never end!

  • Xperience

    Starting at $57,690 CAD

    Why settle for one type of experience when you can have them all on a single outing? Whether you’re out to ride some major swells or enjoy a day of hardcore fishing, the versatile boats in this series are designed to do it all!

  • Sport

    Starting at $29,721 CAD

    la série Sport vous transporte où vous le voulez, quand vous le voulez!

  • Xpedition

    Starting at $32,957 CAD

    A day of fishing is an expedition in and of itself. And for an unbeatable expedition, you need a powerful, stable boat that can hold all the gear of a seasoned angler like you. That’s just what you’ll get with the Expedition Series. We’ve pored over every detail to deliver a truly optimal fishing experience. Perfection never felt so good—experience it for yourself!

  • DLX

    Starting at $5,773 CAD

    You deserve the strongest boat around! That’s why all the models in our DLX Series are built to simplify your life so you can get the most out of your time on the water! You’ll never miss a minute of great fishing with all the smart storage space designed to give you easy access to your gear at all times.

  • DL

    Starting at $5,435 CAD

    When it comes to boats, you should never have to compromise on performance and durability. And with the nine new models in the DL Series, you won’t have to. They’re brand new, totally affordable, and, above all, as versatile and strong as ever! In 2018 there’s no reason to miss out on the quality of a Princecraft boat. So much comfort, at such a great price!

  • Utilities

    Starting at $2,496 CAD

    A fishing rod, a waterway, a utility boat it's often the simple thing that are the most fun. Add unmatched durability, incredible lightness, and rock solid strength. Can't you just feel the tingle of the line as you move through the water? Hey, you've got a bite!